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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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see it's on the power line. a secondary power line is still hot right now. this is just the beginning of the troubles that the city is facing during the first storm of 2015. this tree fell blocking cable car lines in both directions for an hour. a tree fell at crescent and agnon too toppling power lines. take a look at the waves at ocean beach. the surf is rough and so is the weather. that's not stopping this couple from taking a seaside stroll. tourists take in the view on the embarcadero and found out how angry the water was. wind whipped waves pounded pier 14 and provided a waterfront show. mike left sunny southern california for this, this weekend. >> left san diego for this crap. it's brutal. >> reporter: no timetable for when they are going to be able to get this mess cleaned up over at moscow and geneva. firefighters have the area blocked off. they are still waiting for pg&e
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and also public works crews to get over here. of course, they're very busy. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking where the heaviest rain is right now. paul. >> welcome to the all or nothing winter. in december, we had all. then we had 43 days of nothing. now we're back to all. and it's all coming downright now during the evening commute. look at all that rain! heavy rainfall now basically from aligned oakland to san mateo and south. that includes you in hayward, palo alto, san jose. trip on i-80 will be a mess from when you hop over the bay bridge through emeryville, richmond, vallejo to vacaville. we have heavy rain. 101 not a joy either through marin county. milpitas, san jose, los gatos, saratoga, sunnyvale, palo alto, san mateo, all getting heavy rainfall. and it will continue for at least the next hour. rainfall in the north bay mountains specifically very veterannated doe. lake sonoma in the sonoma county mountains looking at 4"
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of rain. bodega bay two inches of rainfall. the bigger story is the wind. here are the wind gusts: as the rain tapers off this evening, the wind will be on a delay. we have a high wind alert, a wind advisory, until 4:00 in the morning tomorrow. we still will see some gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. so this evening, for the drive home, lots of wind and lots of rain. after the commute is finished, the heavy rain will also be finished. rain tapers off to showers but we're not done. another round of soaking rainfall will move in this weekend. we'll time that out and talk about the total amount of rain over four days. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. kpix 5's da lin joining us live. he is in the north bay where neighbors are trying to fight the flooding. da. >> reporter: yeah, allen. the rain, we're taking a little break right now because it's been coming down in sheets all
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afternoon. take a look at that manhole right there. you see water pushing out onto the roadway and into nearby vineyards. that's because the storm drain down below is clogged. all the runoff gushing out of this manhole is running into this vineyard. she is worried it will flood her storage and tasting rooms. >> we're pretty flat here. the ground is saturated. and it's continuing to pour off the hillsides. i'm not terribly optimistic. >> reporter: she is using sandbags to divert water away from her building. but still, several inches of water are creeping up to her doorstep. this is how it looks right outside of the tasting room. >> we have everything on pallets. we put everything on tables. you know, we're doing what we can. >> reporter: heavy rains flooded the building in december costing her thousands of dollars. >> three inches throughout the whole building. >> reporter: she is trying to prevent another big headache. she says the storm drain down
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below the manhole has been blocked for more than a year. but the public works department hasn't fixed it. >> we still want the rain. we just don't want it all at once, right? >> reporter: you can see right next to the manhole, the water right here, it's about an inch. and over in the vineyard, next to colleen's building, well, that vineyard is about 2" below water right now. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk about the other problems that this rain is causing in -- [ signal breakup ] back to you, allen. >> lots of problems in the north bay. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely in the south bay. drivers having to navigate these slick roads, too. devin. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. it has been raining steadily here in the south bay all day. it tapered off midafternoon but started right back up. just a few hours ago here on camden avenue this was the scene of a two-car pile-up. you get all of the predictable problems of steady rain and wet weather throughout the day. now, those two cars crashed
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here one of them overturned thankfully the police department says that the drivers of those two cars only received minor injuries. the road obviously has since reopened and traffic is flowing well at this point despite the consistent and heavy rain. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the storm is packing a punch in the sierra. it's practically a white-out at heavenly mountain resort. a high wind warning is in effect with winds up to 100 miles an hour along the ridges. three feet of snow is expected at the highest elevations. the stormy weather grounding planes at bay area airports, as well. a live look at sfo right now where 180 flights have been canceled. delays are upwards of 90 minutes. oakland has just one cancellation and mineta san jose has two canceled flights. and there's power trouble all across the bay area. the peninsula and san francisco hit the hardest. 5600 people don't have power. east bay follows with 2300
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people in the dark. 1700 north bay residents don't have power. and 600 in the south bay. we don't have it that bad. floodwaters from the same storm are trapping people in their homes in washington state. it's much worse there! flood warning is in place for several western counties. wading in the knee-deep water there crews pushed rescue boats up to the front doors of homes helping people get out. cars were nearly submerged in some of that muddy water. we have more live coverage of the storm coming up. be sure to download the cbs bay area weather app. check conditions in your neighborhood, get realtime radar. search "kpix" and download the cbs bay area weather app, now available for both iphones and android. a deepening mystery in the south bay surrounding a fatal hit-and-run in milpitas. the victim found near a wrecked car wednesday morning has been identified as a 14-year-old girl. the girl from san jose was found lying in the street next to a gray cadillac. blocks away, the car had crashed into a garbage truck.
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at first milpitas police thought the girl may have been the driver. but now they are not so sure. >> we're still actively investigating this case. we are still trying to figure out what led up to the collision, where was the female? we are still trying to determine where she was in the car, was she the driver or passenger? if she was the passenger, who was driving, how many people in the car and how she ended up outside the car. we are investigating. >> police say the driver of the garbage truck, not hurt, is the only witness. he was not able to say who was driving. this is what's left of a volvo after a woman driving the wrong direction on 880 slammed into a pickup truck. it happened at 12:30 this morning in fremont near the auto mall parkway. the woman was killed. three people in the silverado pickup were seriously injured. it's unclear if drugs or alcohol were involved. a 2.9 magnitude quake rattled residents away this morning near emerald lake hills about 30 miles south of san
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francisco. but they felt it as far away as concord. residents shocked by the early wake-up call. one homeowner said she thought a wild animal was loose in her house. another told us the quake sounded like a firecracker went off inside his home. >> just a boom! i mean, super loud deep exploding noise. it shook us. it woke us up instantly. >> up until recently earthquakes in the area are rare but last month the locked fault line had several small quakes. bay area teachers under the moral microscope and tonight their jobs are at stake. the strict rules they are being asked to follow in and out of the classroom. >> the nation's most popular tax software takes drastic action to stop fraud. how it could mean a major headache for you. >> reporter: i'm christian hartnett. neighbors at a redwood city trailer park community that is notorious for flooding are preparing for the worst tonight and over the weekend.
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some bay area teachers may soon be told how they should lead their lives in and out of the classroom. the archbishop wants to include morality clauses in their contracts. kpix 5's ryan takeo with the tough decisions some teachers may have to make. >> the catholic church teaches the same today. >> reporter: that's why san francisco's archbishop is proposing new morality clauses for upcoming union negotiations. the archdiocese says it's to clearly lay out rules for not just conduct on catholic high school campuses but teachers' lives off campus. >> don't speak against it. inside the classroom and by your actions outside, don't be public in rejecting catholic doctrine. >> reporter: some hot button issues the archbishop tackles, same-sex marriage, abortion, and contraception. he calls masturbation, pornography and homosexual relations in marriage gravely evil. >> and that's a choice that no
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teacher should have to make. and there's a cruelty in it. >> reporter: kathleen purcell was a catholic high school guidance counsellor at oakland's bishop o'dowd until last year. >> the toughest part for me was losing work that i loved, um, at a school that i loved with student that i loved. >> reporter: she and two others refused to sign a morality clause there. she says san francisco's version is worded even more harshly. >> not the catholicism of pope francis. >> i don't think anything we're doing is in contradiction even to the spirit of pope francis. >> reporter: the san francisco archdiocese blames the media for only reporting on the pope's progressive headlining quotes and not other catholic teaching like banning gay marriage. >> he doesn't want to draw anyone into any church but the catholic church. >> reporter: the question is whether local teachers will be drawn in or forced out. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the changes would impact about 500 workers at 4 high
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schools the archdiocese operates, sacred heart, reardon, serra and marin catholic. new at 5:00 29 major ports on the west coast are shutting down this weekend so that means nothing is going to be loaded or unloaded at the port of oakland or anywhere else for that matter. the shutdown is mart of a line dispute between dock workers d.c. part of a labor dispute between dock workers and management. management will lock out the workers on monday. a major strike by oil refinery workers has shut down the tesoro plant in martinez. since it cannot process the oil, tesoro is now using the martinez facility for storage. it will ship what it can to other refineries. no progress is record in contract talks. the terrifying way a family tried to keep their 6-year-old not to -- teach their 6-year- old not to talk to strangers. >> major trouble for the biggest name in tax software. the fraud concerns forcing turbotax to halt state filings.
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the bay area company that makes turbotax is dealing with another headache tonight. intuit has stopped state tax filings across the country because of fraud. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts is here to explain what is going on! >> reporter: you know, we have
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been talking about data breaches this week like the anthem hack we told but yesterday. here's one example of how crooks can use that data. it's the nation's most popular do it yourself tax prep software and it seems criminals like turbotax too. >> you can see your refund as you go. >> reporter: mountain view- based intuit makes turbotax and it temporarily is turning off its efiling function for state tax returns in all 50 states. at issue, an increase in suspicious filings that came to light after thousands of users received rejection notices from their state tax agencies saying their returns had already been filed. >> it is inevitable that situations like this will arise. >> reporter: identity theft expert adam levin says turbotax is not necessarily to blame. >> it's not their job to authenticate people when it comes to the acceptance of a tax return by federal, state authorities. they are the platform. >> reporter: he says state tax
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agencies and the irs are supposed to verify identities and they are not doing it because they are understaffed and under pressure to process returns quickly. at issue, the vast troves of stolen data gathered during security breaches. all a crook needs to file your tax return is a name, social security number and a fake w2. and criminals like to file early and often to get first dibs on your money before you get around to filing. but turbotax isn't the only tool they are likely using to do it. >> i think it's going to be an issue at every level with ultimately every tax preparation software company. >> reporter: a tough start to tax season. now, turbotax says it identifies specific patterns of behavior indicating fraud and is now working with states to stop fraud before it occurs. here in california they haven't identified any unusual fraud
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activity. turbotax has already begun to reactivate the efiling function. a suspect escaped from a federal building in san francisco during a lawyer meeting. luke is accused of stealing millions of dollars in high-end art. the two were supposed to meet on the 18th floor yesterday but what happened next is unclear. the lawyer told u.s. marshals the man somehow slipped out of the building. there is a warrant for his arrest and he has already done time for tax evasion. one of the biggest names in television news is fighting for his reputation tonight. nbc nightly news anchor brian williams is being investigated for lying about being shot down in a helicopter while reporting in iraq. he said in an on air tribute he and his team were rescued by a group of army soldiers but the soldiers dispute that story. what really happened was williams was in a helicopter trailing the one that was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. williams has made an on air apology. but the internet now buzzing with jokes about what else williams might be
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misremembering as he put it including being with o.j. simpson during the chase or that he encouraged martin luther king, jr. to deliver his "i have a dream" speech in 1963. it may be pouring today but california is still in the middle of a dire drought. it's bad enough the feds are stepping in. $50million will help western states with drought relief funds the largest amount going to california. the central valley water project will get about $2 million to help with water transfers and to diversify water supply. today's strong winds brought down a pretty big tree in palo alto. it crashed down on southbound foothill expressway near hillview avenue. crews cut it up and cleared the road a couple of hours ago. strong winds just too much for an old fence but those wooden planks were sent flying into the air and hit a passing car. you see the damage to the front end there on the suv. we're hoping homeowners insurance is up to date. christian hartnett in south san
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francisco tells us they are worried about more flooding on the peninsula. >> reporter: they have to prepare for the worst. they have no idea if this storm is going to cause flooding but they are expecting it. >> the question is how much is it going to flood? >> you just cross your fingers? >> yeah. that's all i can do. >> reporter: michael is all too familiar with playing the weather waiting game. this time his mobile home is raised slightly on a wood platform in case there's more flooding. in december neighbors were in knee-deep water after a heavy storm their homes red-tagged and many belongings ruined. >> clothes, this and that, water, had to throw it all out. things at water level were ruined. >> that's where the height of the water came right there. >> reporter: deborah manages the trailer park. she says the two water pumps here can only do so much. especially when the water they pumped goes back into a canal
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behind the park. the same canal that spills over during heavy rains and causes the flooding in the first place. to prevent the often rising levels from the canal from spilling over into the mobile home park, the city gave these sandbags. but management says it's not enough. >> now they're ripping and they only been here what, a month? they're already ripping. they didn't even send any workers to help us put them out. >> reporter: there's still not even a plan for a permanent solution to flooding at lamar. as the rain continues to fall, the water starts to rise. and so does the anxiety. >> they show you a bunch of pictures that we're going to do this, no, no we don't want -- we're going to. we want it now. >> reporter: so management says they will be running their pumps 24/7 through the weekend. and they will be hoping for the best. christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> it is rough out there. paul, a lot of folks heading home. rough evening commute. especially with this soggy weather. where is it the worst now? >> now shifting to the south bay the peninsula san mateo county santa clara county. we are going to see a lot of
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rainfall this evening. you may be wondering is this as bad as what we had early december? no. we are going to receive almost as much rainfall but over a four-day period. it all fell in one day back in december. that's why we saw so much flash flooding whereas this time since we're dragging it out over a wider period of time it's better news. it will do better for our drought and less of it will be flooding. golden gate, wet, windy. 60s outside though. livermore nearly hit 70 today. san jose 60 and wet san bruno 63 degrees. and wet. where's the heaviest rainfall right now? we color code kpix 5 hi-def doppler the yellow with moderate rain, the orange and red. that's the heavy stuff. we have the heavy stuff centered right over top of fremont and hayward and los altos and san jose and livermore and danville. i'm mentioning a lot of towns because everywhere along 680, 580 and 880, south or east of oakland, is getting pounded right now. these are the overnight lows tonight. these are right around where our average highs should be because of all the wind coming up from the south, very warm,
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humid air. mid-50s for your lows tonight. so maybe a lot of rain outside but you certainly will not need your heater. we're now the talking about one round of rainfall. we'll call today round one. we get a break tomorrow. this particular low right here is going to trail off to the north giving more flooding to the pacific northwest. round number 2 is about 1,000 miles offshore but that blob of clouds right there, that is what will impact your weekend especially coming up on sunday. so round 1 will exit tonight. steady soaking rainfall for the next couple of hours and it tapers off to showers and really tomorrow you may even get some sunshine between weather systems with scattered showers. wave number 2 is going to get you on sunday morning. the first half of sunday will be quite wet. most of us will see an additional inch of rainfall. now let's add everything up. what already fell, what will fall tonight, saturday, sunday and monday over a four-day period how much rainfall. the north bay we are still looking at three to eight inches of total rainfall. we have lowered the minimum amount for the peninsula, san francisco, san mateo county and the east bay. some of you may get only 1" of
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rain, some getting 3" of rain. wind howling all day will continue to this evening. watch these numbers diminish dramatically by 9 a.m. no longer an issue. it will be this evening but no wind issue tomorrow morning. tonight windy did wet. tomorrow showers and sunshine. sunday, here comes the next round of rain with a slight chance of a thunderstorm, as well. highs tomorrow a mix of showers and sunshine. 68 for oakland. napa 63. mountain view 68 degrees. sunday is the next wet day. then after that, amazingly this all or nothing deal once we hit monday morning we go back to nothing because next week is completely dry with highs around 60. i want a day where it just rains with no flooding risk, trees aren't coming down. just rain. >> we're not going to get it. >> this winter we may not. it may pour ten times and sunny the next 80. >> we are completely out of balance. >> but i'm glad it's raining today. >> you bet.
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we all are. thanks. a family goes way outside the law to teach a 6-year-old boy a lesson. the extreme lengths they took to keep him from talking to strangers.
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some parents who were trying to teach their son a life lesson wound up in jail. they went way too far in trying to make a point about stranger danger. police say the mother got a coworker to kidnap her 6-year- old son out of this house in missouri. family thought the boy was too friendly with strangers. so they staged a kidnapping, taking the boy for a ride of terror. >> the boy starts immediately crying when he is told that he is never going to see his mother again, never going to see his house and then when he doesn't stop crying he shows him a gun and says if you doesn't be quiet you're going to be harmed. >> the terror continued back in the boy's house in the basement
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. bay area tenants told they need to move out. and they couldn't be more excited. the surprise and very welcome announcement that has them packing up. that and more at 6:00.
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>> see you in 30 minutes. thanks, veronica. thanks for watching us at five. the "cbs evening news with scott pe >> pelley: tonight, >> pelley: tonight, isis claims another american hostage is dead. but the terrorists say they're not responsible for the killing of kayla mueller. we have reports from holly williams and charlie d'agata. carter evans on a winter storm bringing strong winds, heavy rain and flooding to the west. meteorologist eric fisher reports more snow is coming to the northeast. anna werner has the improving economy numbers, more jobs, more job seekers, and for the first time in a long time, higher wages. and steve hartman "on the road"" with an extraordinary mother and child reunion. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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